Combine wicked trails and ripping riders and what do you get? Good times at the VP EnduroFest, held June 26, in Lakeshore, CA. Set at the China Peak Mountain Resort, the park is a hidden gem not too far from Fresno, CA. For the fourth race of the California Enduro Series, organizers kicked up the gnar with alpine sun, sand traps, and plenty of granite.

“We just like community involvement and we like to get things started. The Enduro format is just a fun way to ride your bike fast,” said  Erik Saunders, the brand manager for VP Components and race organizer.  “I love racing and getting people out, and VP Components supports that 100%.”

The four stages devoured by the Pro and Expert riders hovered around 7,000 to 8,500 feet, leaving racers gasping for breath as they pedaled close to 17 miles and climbed nearly 3,500 feet, after a chairlift ride to the top. Sunscreen dripped from rider’s red faces for the transfer stages up, and hands stayed clammy as the competitors descended, inhaling a mixture of granite and alpine duff typical of the Sierra Nevada. With plenty of techy terrain Saturday, it was two racing veterans who showed that a bit of skill and plenty of knowledge can go a long way.


Read the full race report on VitalMTB.

Click here for more photos.

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