If you’ve ridden a mountain bike in the last 30 years, chances are your mean machine had some quality WTB parts on it. Providing tires, saddles, rims, and more, WTB of Mill Valley, California has been manufacturing some serious components since 1982.

Honing in on those big three accessories, along with grips and a few other parts, WTB has competitors scrambling to catch up and riders noticing WTB’s bike focus. This isn’t some power sport company that sees your baby as a little extra change on the side; WTB is all in.

“We’re a small, privately owned company,” explained Jason Moeschler, the manager of global OEM sales for WTB. “We really focus on our small category in the bike market. We want to either make something that exists better or try to develop something that is needed and not there.”

Working closely with riders, friends, and staff, WTB ensures tires are tested, rims remain strong, and new products, like the PadLoc grips, are developed and ready for market. “What it comes down to for us is our small circle of test riders. If they’re not interested, we don’t make it,” he added.


Full story.

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