You’re struggling. Energy is low. It’s only the second transition and it seems like the finish line will never come. But off in the distance, a beacon of nutty, chewy, tasty hope calls to you.

Longtime sponsor of the California Enduro Series, Clif Bar is dedicated to not only the enduro scene, but the riders and their nutrition. Organic ingredients with a Northern California legacy, children of the 90s will remember the first bar their mom gave them while they were out on a hike. This writer certainly does. With new flavors, new options, and plenty of ways to get the caloric power racers demand, the company has grown and innovated since its founding in 1992, but its dedication to athletes and its own company ethos are unwavering.

“The company was born on a bike and anything with two wheels we love to support,” explained Melissa Leebove, regional marketing director for Clif. “We don’t do a lot of advertising at the races. We’re more about face to face interactions with the consumer so they can see our offerings and we can work with them to find the best product for their lifestyle.”


Full story.

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