Big mountains mean big results for Santa Cruz Factory Racing who properly “represented” at the VP EnduroFest June 25. Held at the China Peak Mountain Resort in Lakeshore, CA, the mountain is a second home of sorts, complete with recent trail work by teammates and a new section of single track named in their honor. Clear blue skies and unrelenting sun on Saturday welcomed the team’s top finishers: Kathy Pruitt, Kyle Bowman, and Evan Turpen. Pruitt slaughtered the Pro Women field and took first with an overall time a minute‐plus faster than second place. The seasoned ripper leaned back and took the course in stride, getting over the granite with her Juliana Roubion, catching her breath where she could on the 8,700‐foot peak. “The mountain was dusty. There were a ton of boulders and you’re basically battling your bike and the terrain the whole time,” Pruitt commented as she enjoyed her post race beer. “It was tight. There was a lot of light and dark spots; you just had to be ok with not being able to see where you were going.”

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